My duet3d configuration for a custom delta based vaguely on the Tevo Little Monster
a8ae4105 — sungo 8 days ago
fresh g32
c247525b — sungo 16 days ago
update the readme
9e6344ae — sungo 16 days ago
set the trigger height to what should be the right value and update calibration based on it


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#The Printer Formerly Known As A Tevo Little Monster

The files herein are my config and macros for a Duet3D Wifi v2 installed in what once was a Tevo Little Monster. Specifically, these are for RepRapFirmware v3 and will not work under RRF v2.

These files are released under 0BSD (see LICENSE.md) and, to be super clear, I am not responsible if these fuck up your printer or burn down your house or whatever. I hope these will serve as a reasonable starting point for others but you really need to read through the configs and macros to make sure they're ok for you.

  • My review of the Tevo Little Monster