My QMK userspace


Case for a corne split keyboard, but done up as a single unit


My duet3d configuration for a custom delta based vaguely on the Tevo Little Monster


Generate changelogs from Github PRs


an HTTP server that presents dump1090 data in the “standard” JSON format


a parser for SBS-1 CSV format data otherwise known as “SBS-1 BaseStation Port 30003” format


my nanoblogger fork, mostly abandoned now


Joyent: Command line utility to access the Conch API


Joyent: API server for managing datacenter builds


Joyent: Command line utility for accessing the Conch API


App to deal with a Pimoroni Enviro RPi Hat. Most notably, this sends data to MQTT


Grabs icecast metadata from an audio stream and dumps out the stream title


an app / container to manage the pimoroni fanshim on a raspberry pi


A go library for interfacing with the Argon Fan HAT