changelog: update for 0.11.13
deps: change bleach dependency to >=3.3.0

This allows compatibility with the 4.0.0 release
Merge branch 'thelostpolaris:master' into 'master'

Fix confusing issues when hostname has no protocol

Closes #302

See merge request sublime-music/sublime-music!63
7cf13a90 — Sitansh Rajput 4 months ago
Fix for Issue 302
readme: update screenshot link
doc: moved type documentation to description to unclutter signatures
shell: remove libhandy
Merge branch 'deprecate-official-flatpak'
flatpak: deprecate official support

See #309
ci: re-enable failure emails
ci: use sourcehut for PyPi deploy
contributing: commit message format spec

Add specification for desired commit message format
Use repology to show package version info
Add sourcehut builds status badge
Merge branch '276-use-bleach'
Closes #276: util.esc -> bleach.clean

Deprecates util.esc and replaces it with bleach.clean
which is way more featureful and stable
Merge branch 'update-deps'
explicitly specify path to python for coc, enable autoImportCompletions