preview: use og: tags
ci: add automated build
pr-info: add author to PR information display
pr-info: add title to PR information display and title

Also refactor MergeInfo -> PrInfo.
readme: update instructions for running

Add instructions to the README for how to run the project using
add shell.nix for development
README: add missing line break
deny.toml: create
README: fix non-systemd socket activation example

This is why I like execline. :P
Version 1.0.0
README: link to my instance
github: check for bogus merge commit data by date

Reported-by: Graham Christensen <graham@grahamc.com>
branches: stable doesn't have a staging-next equiv

Reported-by: WORLDofPEACE <worldofpeace@protonmail.ch>
templates: clean up HTML output

The main issue was that the license header from the tree template was
being repeated in the generated HTML every time it was included.  Use
an askama comment to avoid that.

Additionally, reduce the amount of unnecessary whitespace generated a
Initial commit