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pr-tracker expects the socket(s) for it to listen on to be set up for
it by a service supervisor, using the systemd socket activation
protocol.  It does not support binding its own sockets, but it can
still be run outside of systemd using by implementing the same
interface using utility programs, such as in this example that makes
use of the s6-networking[1] and execline[2] packages (example is
written in POSIX shell, not execline):

	s6-tcpserver 8000 \
		fdmove 3 0 \
		env LISTEN_FDS=1 \
		getpid LISTEN_PID \
		redirfd -r 0 /var/lib/pr-tracker/token \
protocol. It does not support binding its own sockets. Here is an
example of how run it with systemd-socket-activate:

	systemd-socket-activate \
		-l \
		pr-tracker [...]

Further information on available command line arguments can be