sr.ht -> GitHub
Add SSH key for deploying via GitHub Actions
matrix-synapse: 1.53.0 -> 1.54.0
fsnotify: fix for coruscant
logrotate: use built-in nginx rotation config
matrix-synapse: 1.53.0 -> 1.54.0rc1
wireguard -> wiregard-tools
restic backup: run less often (every 6 hours)
matrix-synapse: 1.52.0 -> 1.53.0
sysctl: make fs.inotify max for all platforms
Revert "fonts: fix remarshal overlay for iosevka build"

This reverts commit 9b60567e44bab8e23e584b5cd04bae3b71934760.
Revert "time: in Cancun for a week"

This reverts commit 68b543d6637308da5007c85dba35c65caa92d125.
time: in Cancun for a week
fonts: fix remarshal overlay for iosevka build
isso: remove unnecessary overlay
matrix-vacation-responder: update and set respond to groups
matrix-synapse: 1.51.0 -> 1.52.0
heisenbridge: 1.10.0 -> 1.10.1
nix: nix.trustedBinaryCaches -> nix.settings.trusted-substituters
healthcheck: increase threshold to 97%