matrix-synapse: 1.45.1 -> 1.46.0rc1
matrix-synapse: email config for nevarro
standupbot: 0.4.1rc2 0.4.1rc3
synapse: moved shared-config.nix up a dir
heisenbridge: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.0
matrix-synapse: 1.45.0 -> 1.45.1
synapse: create matrix-synapse.target
cleanup-synapse: add purge remote media script

synapse: direct admin media paths to media repo
journald: reduce disk usage to 2G max
logrotate: more agressively prune matrix logs
goaccess: delete stats from days older than a month
matrix-synapse: 1.45.0rc2 -> 1.45.0
cleanup-synapse/bespin: update access token
bespin: move postgres back to main drive
matrix-synapse: 1.45.0rc1 -> 1.45.0rc2
mjolnir: rename to @marshal:nevarro.space
healthcheck: improve reliability of check

* Run it every 30 seconds to reduce false-positive notifications
* Enforce using IPv4 since I've disabled IPv6 on servers
* Use a 5 second timeout in curl
standupbot: 0.4.1rc1 -> 0.4.1rc2
matrix-synapse: 1.44.0 -> 1.45.0rc1