home-manager-config/modules/window-manager/wayland.nix -rw-r--r-- 6.6 KiB
mpv: move gpu-context setting to only wayland
wayland: copy screenshot after capture
firefox: MOZ_DBUS_REMOTE for both X and Wayland
options, format: use mkEnableOption, run formatter
window-manager/wayland: fix dbus env
Update a few things
use config.seat
Updates for sway 1.6 and updated home-manager
Fixed firefox is already running issue
nvim to home manager
More scripts from chezmoi
Moving to module system
Fix typo in home-manager Wayland config
fix mako default colors
Make capitaine cursors work on wayland
Updates for Kohaku
Lots more additions to home manager
i3 to home-manager
a couple more fixes
Moving sway config to home-manager