home-manager-config/modules/window-manager d---------
display: add coruscant Dell monitor configs
display: use autorandr
email: deprecating Mines because I can no longer use Mutt
i3status-rs: fix battery percentage display
sound: convert from amixer to pamixer for shortcuts
amixer: use absolute path
mpv: move gpu-context setting to only wayland
wayland: copy screenshot after capture
i3status-rust: fix memory display format
dconf: disable when on X
firefox: MOZ_DBUS_REMOTE for both X and Wayland
window-manager: arc-theme is no longer broken
devtools: add gh
theme: temporary fix for arc theme

Waiting on either of these to be merged:
i3status-rust: fix format strings
options, format: use mkEnableOption, run formatter
window-manager/wayland: fix dbus env
fonts: reorder
use fonts submodule from nix-community/home-manager#1950
Update a few things