calendar: add work calendars
quotesfile: add one from Jack Garner
java: add tools for more java dev
treewide: python38 -> python3 now that python3 defaults to Python 3.9
khal: use upstream now that the build works
element: use upstream with no overlays
neovim: add blamer plugin
aliases: update issues alias
quotesfile: add another Coder Radio quote
quotesfile: add some chess quotes
i3status-rs: fix battery percentage display
aliases: beeper/linkedin -> beeper/linkedin-matrix
remove connects subscription, fix tt
zsh: add tt-standup, tt-element aliases
email: add Beeper account
gh: don't use module because it doesn't allow login
coc: fix format shortcut
sound: convert from amixer to pamixer for shortcuts
amixer: use absolute path
tracktime: update to 0.9.20