A presentation about Matrix/Beeper for ACM
improvements to E2EE and flow
what does beeper do? section


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


  • Problems with existing chat networks

    • Closed source
    • Walled-gardens (you can't send a message to someone on WhatsApp from iMessage)
    • Not E2EE*
  • What Matrix provides

    • Open protocol specification that is designed specifically to break down walled gardens via bridging
    • E2EE by default
    • Decentralized, meaning no one entity controls the Matrix network (similar to email)
    • Resilient to bad network connections
    • Bots
  • How does it work?

    • C-S API and federation API
    • Event DAG
    • State events
    • Eventual consistency
  • Things that I am excited about

    • Obviously excited about bridges
    • Excited about possibilities with bots
    • Excited about possibilities of building on top of Matrix. For example, matrix notepad and matrix board
    • Excited about spaces and the potential for better community management
  • How can you get involved?

    • Right here:

      • Join the ACM chat!
      • If you are interested in building non-chat applications on top of Matrix, consider joining Visplay
    • News/community:

      • Read TWIM
      • Interact with the Element folks in various chat rooms
    • Contribute

      • Contribute bug fixes to Synapse, Element, existing bridges and bots, etc.
      • Write new bridges (Beeper may even pay you, contact Eric)
      • Write bots
      • Consider joining Beeper
  • A few tips in general for everyone:

    • Try out lots of stuff until you find something that you are sufficiently motivated by

    • If you want to get into open source, then get into open source: start by just using open source projects, and reporting issues, submitting documentation fixes, and even small code fixes.