Denver, CO


I love my Saviour, Jesus • Software Engineer at The Trade Desk • CS@Mines Alum • soccer • volleyball • racquetball


A native Revel/Gonic/Subsonic/Airsonic/*sonic client for Linux. Built using Python and GTK+.


NixOS configuration for my devices


Advent of Code solutions


My dotfiles. Managed using chezmoi.


The Nix configuration for all of my personal infrastructure.


My website. Live at https://sumnerevans.com. Uses the Hugo Static Site Generator: https://gohugo.io


A CLI program that allows you to track time on tasks.


msmtp wrapper allowing for offline use


A JavaScript based Quadratic Equation Solver


The Evans Family website. Hosted here: https://the-evans.family


A presentation about backup strategies with a case study in how I back up my stuff.


The source for the Sublime Music website: https://sublimemusic.app.


A small program that notifies when mail has arrived in ~/Mail


A talk covering the basics of Python for ACM.

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