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A minimal indexing script for Zettelkasten-style notes.


In a directory of text files, run er.

Each text file will be updated to contain, at the top, a list of backlinks to other files that refer to it; at the bottom, a list of links to files it references.

To refer to a file, enclose its name in {curly braces}.

#Text Editor Integration

Erasmus is designed to be used in conjunction with a text editor, the latter to be used to create, view and navigate the files.


#To navigate to a file

In the case of a simple word inside of curly braces, use the normal-mode command gf with the cursor on the word and Vim will open the referenced file.

Erasmus escapes delimiters in its references, so Vim will understand a reference to a file with spaces in its name.

#To create a new file

You can use the command :e <cfile> to open or create a file under the cursor. You might want to remap gf to :e <cfile> if that's a feature you use often:

nnoremap gf :e <cfile><CR>