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wmgen is a starting project skeleton + generator for applications using the
Window Maker WINGs library[1].

[1]: https://www.windowmaker.org/docs/wings.html



1. run ./wmgen and answer questions,


2. copy files to a new directory yourself and edit them.

Known Bugs

- WINGs bug: when "Shared application icon" is selected for an application
  generated with wmgen, one of the two things happen, depending on whether
  WMMapSubwidgets and WMMapWidget for the main window is called before (A) or
  after (B) creating the main menu:

  A) Every instance of that application will generate a "phantom copy" of the
     application menu, which persists after closing the application, can't be
     closed with xkill, apparently isn't associated with any process, and for
     which xprop doesn't detect any properties. Interestingly, when the main
     application is closed, and relaunched, the extra copies of menus work in
     the new instance.

  B) The menu is not shown at all. This is the same behavior/known bug as in

  I chose to follow option (B), same behavior as in FSViewer. I believe that
  having no menu at all, and behaving consistently with known application is
  better than having leftover uncloseable copies of menus around.


wmgen - WINGs application skeleton + generator
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