My translations super-repo
neomutt/sr.po: Update translation
neomutt/sr.po: Update translation
neomutt/sr.po: Update translation


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This is a centralized place where I keep program translations to Serbian,
created and maintained by me.

License should in most cases match the program a particular translation is made
for. In an ideal world, all software should be licensed under the latest version
of GPL, with natural provisions for future updates, which at the moment is GPL
v3+. At least when it comes to matters of software freedom, we should trust FSF
and the GNU Project. 

Alas, we don't live in an ideal world. Big corporations influence Libre software
developers in many subtle (and not so subtle) ways. They constantly seek to
undermine the very concept of Libre software. Therefore, I have compiled a
mapping of directory name (project name) -> license here:

	Directory	License			Applicable license file
	elinks		GPLv2/GPLv2+/GPLv3+	LICENSE
	lagrange	BSD 2-Clause		lagrange/LICENSE.md
	lftp		GPLv3+			LICENSE
	mc		GPLv3+			LICENSE
	musl-locales	MIT			musl-locales/LICENSE.MIT
	neomutt		GPLv2			neomutt/LICENSE.md
	snownews	GPLv3+			LICENSE