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@@ 6,7 6,7 @@ title: ste manual

ste(1) - Simple table editor

Version 0.2.1, 3 Sep 2023
Version 0.3.1, 14 Sep 2023

<a name="synopsis"></a>

@@ 56,6 56,20 @@ Accepted commands are:

**/** [_colno_] _text_

<dd style="margin-left: 3em">

Search for _text_ in all columns, continuing the search downwards as needed. If
_colno_ is given, limit the search to column number _colno_ (1-based).

When the last row was reached without a match, the user will be prompted whether
to continue the search from the first row.




@@ 195,6 209,17 @@ If _num_ is omitted, move the row pointer up.


<dd style="margin-left: 3em">

Find next occurence of previously searched text. If the argument _colno_ was
given in the last search, the search will reuse it.


**print** | **p**


@@ 233,8 258,8 @@ If argument is omitted, show all current option states.

## See Also

**table**(1), **transpose**(1), **tsvdel**(1), **tsvedit**(1), **tsvins**(1),
**tsvmove**(1), **vipe**(1)
**table**(1), **transpose**(1), **tsvdel**(1), **tsvedit**(1), **tsvfind**(1),
**tsvins**(1), **tsvmove**(1), **vipe**(1)

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