d63b9eb9 — Hiltjo Posthuma a month ago
bump version to 0.9.2
497a7563 — DOGMAN a month ago
Reset title when an empty title string is given

With this patch, st will reset its window title when an empty string is
given as the terminal title. For example:
	printf "\033]0;\007"

Some applications, like termdown, expect this functionality. xterm
implements it, but it seems that most other terminal emulators don't.
In any case, I don't see why there should ever be a case where the st
window doesn't have a title property.
Merge branch 'upstream'
config.h: Set rows = 25

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>
8c68ec52 — Hiltjo Posthuma 2 months ago
Revert "Fix cursor move with wide glyphs"

This reverts commit 7473a8d1a57e5f9aba41b953f4e498c35e1c9dc5.

This patch needs some more work. It caused regressions with programs that use
GNU readline, etc.

Original test-case example from Tim Culverhouse <tim@timculverhouse.com>:

	printf " 😀" && sleep 2 && printf "\e[D" && sleep 2 && printf "\e[D" && sleep 2

After the patch it caused regressions, example test-case:

	printf "A字\bB\n"
config.h: Merge latest changes

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>
Merge branch 'upstream'
st.c: Implement externalpipe-0.8.5 OpenBSD pledge fix

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>
config.h,x.c: Add boldattr

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>
config.mk: Make OpenBSD main; applied/st-externalpipe-0.8.5.diff: Fix OpenBSD

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>
5ce97162 — Hiltjo Posthuma 2 months ago
bump version to 0.9.1
f20e169a — Hiltjo Posthuma 2 months ago
config.def.h: improve latency for the default configuration
95f22c53 — Tommi Hirvola 2 months ago
set upper limit for REP escape sequence argument

Previously, printf 'L\033[2147483647b' would call tputc('L') 2^31 times,
making st unresponsive. This commit allows repeating the last character
at most 65535 times in order to prevent freezing and DoS attacks.
7473a8d1 — Quentin Rameau 3 months ago
Fix cursor move with wide glyphs

st would always move back 1 column,
even with wide glyhps (using more than a single column).

The glyph rune is set on its first column,
and the other ones are to 0,
so loop until we detect the start of the previous glyph.
csi: check for private marker in 'S' case

The handler for 'S' final character does not check for a private
marker. This can cause a conflict with a sequence called 'XTSMGRAPHICS'
which also has an 'S' final character, but uses the private marker '?'.
Without checking for a private marker, st will perform a scroll up
operation when XTSMGRAPHICS is seen, which can cause unexpected display
9846a56b — Peter Hofmann 7 months ago
Add terminfo entries for bracketed paste mode

Helps Vim (and hopefully others) to discover that this feature exists
without further user configuration.
559fdc27 — Peter Hofmann 7 months ago
Unhide cursor on RIS (\033c)

It is unclear if it's "required" to do this on RIS, but it's useful when
calling reset(1) after interactive programs have crashed and garbled up
the screen.

FWIW, other terminals do it as well (tested with XTerm, VTE, Kitty,
Alacritty, Linux VT).
8abe4bcb — Peter Hofmann 7 months ago
Fix wide glyphs breaking "nowrap" mode

Consider the following example:

    printf '\e[?7l';\
    for i in $(seq $(($(tput cols) - 1))); do printf a; done;\
    printf '🙈\n';\
    printf '\e[?7h'

Even though MODE_WRAP has been disabled, the emoji appeared on the next
line. This patch keeps wide glyphs on the same line and moves them to
the right-most possible position.
2fc7e532 — Peter Hofmann 7 months ago
Don't scroll selection on the other screen

Fixes garbage selections when switching to/from the alternate screen.

How to reproduce:

-   Be in primary screen.
-   Select something.
-   Run this (switches to alternate screen, positions the cursor at the
    bottom, triggers selscroll(), and then goes back to primary screen):

        tput smcup; tput cup $(tput lines) 0; echo foo; tput rmcup

-   Notice how the (visual) selection now covers a different line.

The reason is that selscroll() calls selnormalize() and that cannot find
the original range anymore. It's all empty lines now, so it snaps to
"select the whole line".