v0.3.13 5 hours ago .tar.gz browse log

Bugfix and maintenence release; various small fixes

v0.3.12 26 days ago .tar.gz browse log

* Fix: call fflush(output) before fork
* Update the description of --basedir in the manpage
* Add ~- -> non-breaking hyphen
* Fix: (var & mask) is different than (var & mask) != 0 for ULLONG
* pack.do: New file
* Fix: Add -p processing
* Convert " -> ", literal ~ inside kbd

v0.3.11 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

* Removed dependencies: libunistring, realpath
* Reformatted code using clang-format
* Removed index.html
* slweb now attempts to determine image dimensions using identify(1) from
* Corrected \fC -> \f[CR] in manpage

v0.3.10 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

* Added additional ways to activate lists (*, o)
* Added variable link-prefix
* Skipping extra whitespace when processing the text of footnotes
* Added --global-link-prefix option
* Added id attributes in headings
* Optimization: removed substr, simplified startswith
* Removed target="_blank" from {made-by} output
* Added strikethrough (~text~ -> <s>text</s>) and nbsp (~~ -> &nbsp;)
* Correct handling of parentheses inside URLs
  - Distinguish between [(Some text)][somelink] and [Some (text)][somelink]
  - Fix: macro-form of links now properly handles <span> again

v0.3.9 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

* Added the YAML variables:
  - canonical
  - feed
  - feed-desc
  - lang
  - meta
* Added social logo
* Added copyright year to README
* Changed URLs to sourcehut

v0.3.8 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Added tables and partial tables; added iter parameter to csv directive; updated

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>

v0.3.7 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Switched from popen() -> execvp() + pipe() for more robust math mode; revised REALLOC and corrected a few bugs

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>

v0.3.6 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Added math mode

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>

v0.3.5 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Added lists

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>

v0.3.4 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Finished the initial work on csv templating directive; changed the syntax of incdir directive, adding dirname as first parameter

Signed-off-by: Страхиња Радић <contact@strahinja.org>
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