Belgrade, Serbia


Programmer with a wide programming skill set. Started coding with Basic in the 1990s, current focus: C, suckless programs.


Source code of my sourcehut page


slweb to Gemini converter


My fork of st.suckless.org


My fork of tools.suckless.org/slstatus


My fork of dwm.suckless.org


Strahinja Radic's personal website (slweb version)


Simple static website generator


My configuration files


My fork of tools.suckless.org/tabbed


My fork of tools.suckless.org/dmenu


My fork of https://github.com/ritze/pinentry-dmenu


Reflows paragraphs into single lines


My fork of surf.suckless.org


Command line utility to format and display CSV


My fork of git://git.suckless.org/lsw

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