Belgrade, Serbia


Programmer with a wide programming skill set. Started coding with Basic in the 1990s, current focus: C, suckless programs.


My configuration files


Reflows paragraphs into single lines


slweb to Gemini converter


My fork of surf.suckless.org


Simple static website generator


Strahinja Radic's personal website (slweb version)


Command line utility to format and display CSV


Source code of my sourcehut page


My fork of tools.suckless.org/slstatus


My fork of st.suckless.org


My fork of git://git.suckless.org/lsw


My fork of tools.suckless.org/tabbed


My fork of git://git.codemadness.org/stagit


My fork of tools.suckless.org/dmenu


My fork of dwm.suckless.org

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