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#How To Contribute

Create an issue or, preferably, open a pull request that works towards fixing one of the existing issues or improves the project some other way!

#Code styling

Please, make your code readable, and comment more than you think is necessary.

If editing README.md, please conform to the standard-readme specification.

#Trunk-Based Development

Read up on it here.

#Naming commits

I prefer to name commits with one of the following prefixes:

  • "init:" - use for the first commit of a new repository
  • "add:" - use when you add code or files to the repository
  • "rm:" - use when you delete code or files from the repository
  • "chg:" - use when you change behavior of existing code
  • "ref:" - use when you refactor or reformat existing code without changing behavior
  • "up:" - use when you update external modules (git submodules, Maven dependencies, etc)