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title: "Markdown, not AsciiDoc"
tags: ["software"]

So yeah, I had this drafted weeks and weeks ago and I kept thinking I would rewrite it to not be just bullet points.
I decided the bullet points work fine.
See the title for my conclusion (after working really hard to like AsciiDoc...).

## AsciiDoc Advantages

- Comments.
- No need for HTML in markup document.
- Video iframes already [parented](https://blog.theodo.com/2018/01/responsive-iframes-css-trick/).
- Add arbitrary classes to arbitrary elements.
- Citations are `<cite>`

## AsciiDoc Disadvantages

- (Currently) only supported externally in Hugo.
  - AsciiDoc document header attributes/metadata (front matter) not supported in Hugo.
  - Chroma not set up to highlight from AsciiDoc.
- Not supported in [GitHub pages](https://pages.github.com/versions/).
- Not supported for README on [SourceHut](https://todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht/264).
- More verbose around code blocks (linenums?).
- `code` elements space differently with and without `linenums`.
- Requires extra characters for curly quotes.
- I prefer Markdown tables to AsciiDoc tables for writing and plain text reading.
- Limited tooling
  - Vim support limited to [syntax](https://github.com/asciidoc/vim-asciidoc)
  - No automatic formatter (at least in [ALE](https://github.com/dense-analysis/ale)
  - Various plugins available: [vim-ft-asciidoc](https://github.com/jjaderberg/vim-ft-asciidoc), [vim-asciidoctor](https://github.com/habamax/vim-asciidoctor), [vim-asciidoc](https://github.com/dahu/vim-asciidoc); none "`feature-complete`"