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@@ 75,6 75,30 @@ I also allow [Intelligence as a spellcasting ability for Warlocks](#pact-magic),
> ~~This benefit lasts until you finish a long rest.
> If you later gain the Pact of the Blade feature, this benefit extends to every pact weapon you conjure with that feature, no matter the weapon’s type.~~

## I Know A Guy

### Source

David Nett [does this](https://www.sageadvice.eu/i-know-a-guy-house-rule/).

> Because a few ppl have asked about my house rule, “I Know a Guy:” it’s meant to create that moment in ESB when Han decides he can go to Lando for help, but isn’t 100% sure how Lando will actually receive him.
> [David Nett](https://twitter.com/davidnett/status/978657181229711360)

### Discussion

This sounds cool, and allows for players to do the thing.
I'll allow it.

### Ruling

> In any situation (where it makes sense), a PC can declare “I know a guy,” and then quickly sketch that NPC & the relationship.
> Fewer details are usually better — that leaves room for the DM & PCs to play.
> Upon declaration, the NPC exists.
> Then, when the PCs try to interact [with] the NPC, the player who created that NPC makes a Charisma roll to see how the NPC reacts.
> [David Nett](https://twitter.com/davidnett/status/978657990017409026)

## Pact Magic

### Source