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> [beef_swellington](https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/2tug11/comment/co2q3p0/)

Embarrassingly, I didn't know this was also [in the Dungeon Master's Guide](https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/dmg/dungeon-masters-workshop#CleavingthroughCreatures).

### Discussion

Heck yes!

@@ 18,6 20,9 @@ If a goliath with a greataxe wades into a sea of kobolds packed together, one sw
A two-weapon fighting character with two attacks and one bonus attack using handaxes can probably kill two or three foes in one turn; why not let the great weapon fighter do the same?
And who doesn't want to shoot an arrow through one goblin and skewer a second?

Tabletop Builds [supports the rule](https://tabletopbuilds.com/know-your-options-2-more-variant-rules/#Cleaving_Through_Creatures) from the Dungeon Master's Guide, but points out that as written it only works when you cleave a creature from full health to zero hit points.
I use their recommendation to allow *any* overkill damage to cascade.

### Ruling

When you make an attack using a weapon with which you are proficient and which has the _heavy_ property, and the damage which the target of your attack receives (after applying resistances, etc) exceeds the target's current hit points, any remaining damage can be carried over to another target.

@@ 27,6 32,7 @@ When you make an attack using a weapon with which you are proficient and which h
- If the original attack was a _ranged_ or _thrown_ weapon attack, choose a target within the weapon's base range which is behind the original target along your line of sight.

Make an attack roll against the new target's armor class, using the same modifiers as the original attack.
You can also choose to use your original roll against the new target.
On a hit, the remaining damage from your original damage roll is applied to the new target.
If the applied damage (after applying resistances, etc) exceeds the new target's current hit points, you may cascade the remaining damage according to the same rules.

@@ 48,6 54,8 @@ Basically what they said.
If you can get everything you need from charisma, well, I strongly dislike (and envy) you in real life and it's too powerful for the game.
So let's push the Charisma weapons back a bit so every Bard, Paladin, and Sorcerer or (or Wizard, using the Pact Magic house rule) doesn't jump into Hexblade for a single-level goodie bag.

I also allow [Intelligence as a spellcasting ability for Warlocks](#pact-magic), so I include that change here.

### Ruling

> #### Hex Warrior