A personal website. Because why not?
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A personal website. Because why not?

license: MIT standard-readme compliant

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According to Motherboard (via Slashdot, we should replace Facebook with personal websites. I haven't had a Facebook account in something like a decade, but no matter. Here's where I satisfy that urge to post myself online. Bonus: I get to play with technologies like Hugo and nginx.


Clone this repository, and enter the top-level directory. hugo serve will run the server; hugo will build the website for deployment.


For development, use hugo -wDd dev serve to avoid building draft content in production.

For deployment, use hugo --minify, then copy the contents of the public folder to your web root.


Contributors to this project adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Contributions should use git with discipline.


Copyright ©2019 nstickney. This repository is released under the MIT license.