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#Security Squabble

GNU LGPLv2.1 standard-readme compliant

A Family-Feud style game about personal internet security advice, in Vue.js

#Table of Contents


Family Feud is a game show where contestants attempt to name the most popular answers to humorous questions. Security Squabble is a single-question version of the game which asks players just one question:

According to security experts, what are the most important ways to protect yourself online?

The game is based on a Google Security blog post which lists the "Top 5" security practices from both experts and non-experts. You can play a live version at stma.is/squabble.




# npm install --global @vue/cli
$ npm install
$ npm run serve


# npm install --global @vue/cli
$ npm install

Note: You must set the production baseUrl in vue.config.js (defaults to /squabble/).

$ npm run build

Deploy the dist folder as desired for your platform; more instructions are available from the @vue/cli guide.


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