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Sane baseline theme for Hugo

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I got tired of bloated, opinionated, and opaque (to me) Hugo themes, so I'm writing my own. Much of the inspiration comes from the best motherf@#$ing websites, and design details are informed by Matthew Buttrick's Practical Typography. I count this as doing my part to end the website obesity crisis.


git submodule add https://git.sr.ht/stick/hugo-base themes/hugo-base


Set the proper theme in your hugo configuration file:

  • config.json: "theme": "hugo-base"
  • config.toml: theme = 'hugo-base'
  • config.yaml: theme: hugo-base

It is also advisable to enable syntax highlighting using the settings below (given in yaml format). More information on syntax highlighting is available in the Hugo documentation.

  • pygmentsCodeFences: true
  • pygmentsCodeFencesGuessSyntax: true
  • pygmentsOptions: linenos=table
  • pygmentsStyle: native (or friendly for a light theme)


hugo-base makes use of the following site variables (see Hugo documentation for more information):

  • author
  • baseURL
  • copyright
  • description
  • languageCode
  • title

The following site parameters may be set (and used as {{ .Site.Params.??? }}):

  • authorMail: Author's email address
  • authorMastodon: Author's Mastodon account
  • authorPage: Author's web profile page
  • authorPhone: Author's phone number
  • authorTwitter: Author's Twitter account
  • backgroundColor: Color (css) for background area
  • backgroundImage: Link to a background image (covers up backgroundColor)
  • colorHue and colorSaturation: used to calculate both light and dark theme colored links
  • commento: Set true to turn on Commento
  • commentoURL: Use a custom commento installation
  • css: Link to a custom stylesheet
  • darkTheme: Set true to default to the dark theme
  • description
  • externalResources: Set true to remove the Content Security Policy header
  • iconPNG: Link to a favicon in PNG format (should be 192×192 pixels)
  • iconSVG: Link to a favicon in SVG format
  • isApp: Whether the page is a webapp
  • logo: Link to a logo image for the top of the page
  • ownership: Proof of ownership for various services (.Ownership.???):
    • Alexa
    • Bing
    • Google
    • Pinterest
    • Norton
    • Yandex
  • rating
  • repo: Link to the page source repository (GitHub, SourceHut, etc)
  • shortFeed: Show only summary, not full content, in RSS (full content shown by default)
  • subject
  • twitter: Twitter account for the website

The following page parameters may be set (and used as {{ .Page.Params.??? }}):

  • plain: If set, omits header (logo, page title, and nav)


Contributors to this project adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Contributions should use git with discipline.


Copyright © 2019 @stick. Where not otherwise specified, this repository is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.