create separate git config for work
bump aconfmgr config
don't need Teams any more (yay)
fix reflect() name collision
run dwarffortress with XWayland
allow World of Warcraft in init-iptables
allow google video (duo/meet) in init-iptables
where did all these fontconfig files come from?

There are now a whole set of files in /etc/fonts/conf.d, which as far as
I can tell used to be completely empty? Or not exist? Uncertain about

hunspell changed their package names >:|
streamline install + rewrite aconfmgr config
drop window borders in sway
update aconfmgr config
fix bat config (ansi-dark deprecated)
more security tools in aconfmgr
don't try to sign commits if we don't have a key
add reverse engineering tools in WSL
turn on radare2 again in aconfmgr config
wireguard-lts no longer required (lts kernel 5.10)