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@@ 1235,3 1235,90 @@ Aentwith - Abbey arcanist (identified items).
  Hilda speaks with a raspy voice.

Marowyn leaves a message with Hilda for Aldryn.


- Marowyn leaves coins at Fharlanghn shrine in Littleburrow; fleeting vision of a halfling all in black through the rain.
- Meets Artan, who does not even realize he's in Littleburrow.
  Leads him back to the inn.
- Littleburrow sheriff, Ryany Weysh, brings two centaurs (Argos and Phylomeda) to the inn.

## Flying Horror Ambush

### Init:

- Marowyn 20
- Flying Horrors 1 & 2 20
- Artan 17
- Cohalf 4
- Flying Horror 3 4
- Centaurs 4
- Gray Oozes
- Ochre Jelly

### Round 1:

- Maryown 16 dmg FH1 (32hp)
- FH1 20 dmg Marowyn
- Cohalf 5+6+4 dmg FH2 (19hp)

### Round 2:

- Marowyn miss
- FH2 24 dmg Cohalf
- Artan 9 heal Marowyn
- Cohalf 11 dmg FH2 (8hp)
- C1 6 dmg FH3 (38hp)
- C2 4 dmg FH2 (4hp)
- GO2 4 dmg C2 (29hp)

### Round 3:

- Marowyn miss
- FH1 31 dmg Artan
- Artan 38 dmg FH1 (DED)
- Cohalf 9+3 dmg GO2 (20hp)
- C2 5 dmg GO2 (15hp); GO2 4 dmg C2
- OJ 14 dmg C1 (32hp)

### Round 4:

- Marowyn miss
- Artan 7 dmg GO2 (8hp)
- Cohalf 8+ dmg GO2 (DED)
- OJ 9 dmg C1 (23hp), C1 4 dmg OJ
- GO1 13 dmg C2 (20hp)

### Round 5:

- Marowyn 14 dmg FH3 (24hp)
- Cohalf 7+5 dmg GO1 (8hp)
- FH3 21 dmg C2 (UNC)
- C2 FDST, C1 7 dmg OJ (27hp)
- OJ 16 dmg C1 (7hp)

### Round 6:

- Marowyn 10 dmng FH3 (14hp)
- Artan stabilize C2
- Cohalf 8 dmg GO1 (DED)
- C1 11 dmg OJ (16hp)
- OJ 14 dmg C1 (UNC)

### Round 7:

- Marowyn miss
- Artan SW 12 dmg FH3 (2hp)
- Artan 5 dmg OJ (11hp)
- Cohalf 4 dmg FH3 (DED)
- OJ 12 dmg Artan

### Round 8:

- Marowyn 12 dmg OJ (DED)

## Short rest

- C1 (Phylomega) 10hp
- C2 (Argos) 7hp

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@@ 804,7 804,35 @@ It seems likely that anything of importance (like the stolen remains of Holy Cha
11. A [giant rat](https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/giant-rat) is chained to the wall here, apparently a "pet" of the hobgoblins.
    It is gnawing on ...something.

## Episode 13 (Series D)
## Episode 13

> Inspired by [Ooze Tomb of the Oathbreaker](https://adventurelookup.com/adventures/ooze-tomb-of-the-oathbreaker) but shortened drastically to accomodate a very quick "one-shot".

A storm reaches from the [Relgwood](http://canonfire.com/cf//modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=65310) east of [Littleburrow](https://greyhawk-26.obsidianportal.com/wikis/littleburrow).
It swallows the town in a dim drizzle for days.
As the storm intensifies and extends, foul creatures that would otherwise hid become bold; [flying horrors](https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/flying-horror) scream in the sky.
The Relgwood centaurs, who commonly trade Kara fruit and horn bows to the halflings of Littleburrow, send messengers to the village seeking aid.
Something has fouled the small lake near their village.
A few centaurs fell ill from drinking the water; the entire lake has become progressively more brackish, acidic, and clouded.
The storm seems somehow connected to the fouled water.
Occassionally [ooze](https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/gray-ooze) and [sludge](https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/ochre-jelly) forms in the rain puddles or even drops from the sky.

The water at the center of the lake is turbulent with necromantic energy and heavily occludes vision; light cannot penetrate more than 5 feet below the surface.
50-55 feet down, two massive (~10' by ~15' by ~2') stones are dislodged from the mouth of a shallow cave (8' diameter entrance) that is filled with an inky blackness which no light penetrates.
The [ghostly spirit of a black dragon lich](https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/ebondeath/) (note that average HP should _not_ be 225), released by the final decay of the dragon's last bone, now feeds on the death of the lake's fish.

Mundane physical objects (arrows, weapons, rocks, etc) pushed or thrown into the blackness simply disappear.
Radiant damage, restoration spells, or holy water will interrupt the dragon ghost's stasis-like slumber, causing it to attack any intruders, posessing the strongest among them.
Characters take 1d4 acid damage per round if they enter (wade or swim) in the water, and 2d10 necrotic damage if they enter the blackness.

- A cleric casting [ceremony](https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/ceremony) can make a religion check, consecrating all water in a sphere with radius 2 times the check value, but the corruption seeps back in from all sides at a rate of 5' per round.
  Alternately, they can bless the contents of a waterskin or other container of already fresh, pure water and pour it into the lake, purifying the lakewater in a sphere of radius 20' for each waterskin's worth of holy water.

Once the dragon ghost is destroyed, it takes only a few minutes for the inky blackness disperse and the necromantic energy of the area fades.
Over several hours, the storm dissipates; over several days, the water returns to its natural state.
A [treasure hoard](https://donjon.bin.sh/5e/random/#type=treasure;treasure-cr=4;treasure-loot_type=treasure_hoard_with_salvage) can be found inside the small cave.

## Episode 14 (Series D)

Thane Didymus is worried.

@@ 956,7 984,7 @@ What about Quentin (if he survives)?

What about Cassianne (if she does)?

### Series D (episode 13?)
### Series D (episode 14)

- The dwarves have delved too deeply.
  An ancient horror has arisen.