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Threat model (Finnish: uhkamalli) your application.


Security advisory (Finnish: turvallisuusneuvonta) audit tool.


Text area (Finnish: tekstialue) - tune planar arrangements of text (tables) to preserve styles across transforms.


Table (Finnish Taulukko) glued together to transform into hands-free living.


Taxonomy (Finnish: taksonomia) of a folder tree, guided by conventions.


Experimental SWID baseline validator.


Relationships (Finnish: suhteita) maintained across distances as load test core.


Pixels, pixels, pixels.


Tripod (Denish: stativ) - manage the back end of Binaries Repository Management (BRM) systems like a tripod: per prefix, backup, and delta store.


Experimental SPDX baseline validator.


Parsing of fixed width text databases derived in the Seventies from the Sixties’ spirit of the previous century.


Tree shaking for the minimal viable SBOM.


Dansk for together - multiple watch to ensure special events come together or go away.


Transforming Static Code Analysis Results (SCARs) into Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF)


A proxy for demonstrating use of and verifying compatibility of the upstream modern GL window library.

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