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Python implementation of booq - a tool calculating binary year to date metrics with monthly cumulative slices.


Nodes, Edges, Faces, and Attributes (Finnish: Solmut, reunat, pinnat ja attribuutit).


Document filter (Finnish: asiakirjasuodatin) that read a JSON serialization of the Pandoc AST from stdin, transform it in some way, and write it to stdout.


Working hours (Danish arbejdstimer) or not?


Earned Value Management (Finnish: ansaittua arvonhallintaa) when coding swiftly.


In due time (Finnish: ajallaan) - reporting on worklog entries of some ticket system.


Time bridge (Finnish: aikasilta) - experimental reporting bridge from the Nineties into right now.


Fuzz a language by mixing up only few words.


Balanced diversity solver xoxo to the square.


Showcase (Finnish: vitriini) some packaged content - guided by conventions.


Quiz (Finnish: visailu) data operations.


Receive (Finnish: vastaanottaa) text traversing unknown territories.


Extraction (Finnish: uuttaminen) of source code for embedding into markdown documents as fenced blocks.


Threat model (Finnish: uhkamalli) your application.


Explore (Finnish: tutkia) ticket system trees.

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