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name: Codi's Kitchen
address: 257 Heywood Road
postcode: M25 2QP

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delivery: true

[October 2023:](https://dumpoir.com/c/6594430583085954023) "We often order from Codi’s for takeaway but this was my first time eating in. The place is really sweet and the food is even better in situ! We had the pumpkin katsu, the mushroom karage, bang bang cauliflower and one of this weeks specials: the tofu sliders (alerted to use a bao style bun instead of the non vegan brioche)"

[January 2023:](https://www.instagram.com/p/Cn16qWvNLLy) "Lazy day in our house often means an order from @codiskitchen 😋"

[December 2022:](https://www.facebook.com/groups/veganprestwich/posts/1819448098432598) "had a scrumptious takeaway from Codi's Kitchen on Heywood Road tonight - really flavoursome with generous portions. their food is similar to Unagi from Deliveroo (also very fit Asian food, highly recommended), except local so it gets home hotter, and less expensive, and with less plastic, but just as delicious I reckon!

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