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snixembed.1: remove leading newline

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version 0.3.2

This release fixes two issues with missing icons tracked down by
~p-himik, and adds initial scrolling support.

Eugene Pakhomov (1):
      Fix empty icons by forcibly rescanning the theme

Steef Hegeman (5):
      fix: virtual signal without implementation (#12)
      AppInd. "convention": accept paths for IconName
      test/appindicator.py: AppIndicator app for testing
      test/statusnotifieritem.py: Test app for SNI (Qt)
      initial scrolling support (non-smooth)

0.3.1 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

version 0.3.1

This is a bug fix release which should also improve performance a bit.
Thanks to ~p-himik and Thulinma for debugging, reporting, and testing!

- handle non-null but empty IconPixmap            (reported by ~p-himik)
- fix a bug in and speed up NewIcon handling      (reported by Thulinma)

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version 0.3.0

This release makes many D-Bus calls async, which should smoothen things
in cases where tray applications are slow.

Since the previous release, powerman made a Gentoo ebuild and
projectmooon packaged snixembed for Void Linux. See README.md.

Another important note: electron (temporarily?) rolled back to the old
tray icon implementation, so it falls back to XEmbed tray icons again
where needed. This means that snixembed will hopefully soon be
unnecessary for many users, at least for a while. See README.md.

- asynchronous D-Bus calls
- fix critical Gdk warning
- ignore empty icon names
- makefile: do not require git

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version 0.2.2

This is a small stable release before going async.

- set WM_CLASS hint to StatusNotifierItem.Id
  (thanks to ~martinpl for reporting and testing!)
- watcher: ignore repeated registration
  (thanks to syed for reporting and testing!)

0.2.1 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

version 0.2.1

snixembed now has partial AppIndicator support as a more elegant
fallback. It handles icons and menus. Please report any issues or
feature requests, expecially regressions on SNI support. It's hard to
determine what parts of the specs are used in the wild.

- icon name: check for null (Gtk warning)
- partial AppIndicator support (icons and menus)
- icon theme tweaks

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version 0.2.0

snixembed now supports all of the spec used by QSystemTrayIcon. This
should be considered a "stable" release, were it not for the lack of
full implementation of the spec. It does implement all of the spec I've
seen in the wild though.

- SNI.Menu dbusmenu support through libdbusmenu-gtk3
- fix bug reported by ~zoof with updating icons and other properties
- partial tooltip support, see README.md for details
- freedesktop icon support #

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version 0.1.1

0.1.0 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

version 0.1.0