freedesktop icons support
tooltip text support

All tested applications only seem to set tooltip titles instead of
tooltip text, but the tex is also included. Tooltip icons are not
supported, markup is supported except for <a> (just pumps the text
through Pango Markup parser, which doesn't support <a>). Can't click it
do not cache D-Bus properties

Apparently GDBusObjectProxy loads properties from a cache by default,
only updating values when some D-Bus changed signal arrives. Which never
will in a common case (QSystemTrayIcon).
README: add git as build dependency
SNI.Menu dbusmenu support through libdbusmenu-gtk3
fighting sr.ht markdown parser
fighting sr.ht markdown parser
fork: search in path
updated readme, makefile
README: markdown and more info
version from git describe
README: electron environment hack
maintenance: use constants where possible
--fork option, usage info in README
add VFLAGS to makefile (-g for debug)
emit StatusNotifierHostRegistered
context menu on right click
icon updates; activate on activate
move watching to watcher; stop watching when vanished
remove posix dependency, lessen bad logging