makefile: respect LDFLAGS
snixembed.1: remove leading newline
version 0.3.3

Minor release, fixing a version bug and adding a man page.
See tag for details.
README: add stable AUR package
man page snixembed(1)
Fix empty icons by forcibly rescanning the theme
initial scrolling support (non-smooth)

It seems that it's safe to ignore smooth scrolling, so this only
implements the non-smooth version for now.
test/statusnotifieritem.py: Test app for SNI (Qt)
test/appindicator.py: AppIndicator app for testing
AppInd. "convention": accept paths for IconName

It is not intended for apps to set paths as icon name. Some do it
anyway, and some hosts accept it. snixembed now does so too.
fix: virtual signal without implementation (#12)

Only lead to compile errors on earlier valac (0.48.6).
version 0.3.1

See tag for announcement.
improve new_icon handling (less buggy, more async)
handle non-null but empty icon_pixmap
version 0.3.0

See tag for announcement.
logging: ignoring reregistration now not a warning
makefile: do not require git

We will now only use git if .git/HEAD is found, otherwise the version
info is pulled from version.vala as is.
INFO: electron supports XEmbed tray icons again!

See https://github.com/electron/electron/pull/23674. This means
snixembed is of limited use for now, if you are running the latest
electron version.
async: track IconThemePath updates again

Fixes ~steef/snixembed#5 as far as we can (old node versions still send
nonexisting IconThemePaths sometimes, so icons may still break).