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man page snixembed(1)
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M makefile
A snixembed.1
M makefile => makefile +4 -1
@@ 4,6 4,7 @@ SRC = src/*.vala version.vala

PREFIX ?= /usr
BINDIR ?= /bin
MANDIR ?= /share/man

PKG := $(foreach pkg, $(PKG), --pkg $(pkg))
CFLAGS := $(CFLAGS) $(shell pkg-config --cflags --libs $(CPKG))

@@ 25,8 26,10 @@ clean:

install: snixembed
	install -Dm755 snixembed $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)$(BINDIR)/snixembed
	install -Dm644 snixembed.1 $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)$(MANDIR)/man1/snixembed.1

	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)$(BINDIR)/snixembed
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)$(BINDIR)/snixembed \

.PHONY: clean install uninstall version.vala

A snixembed.1 => snixembed.1 +32 -0
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\" Contributors: see groff_man(7) and man-pages(7)
.TH snixembed 1 2022-07-25
snixembed \- proxy the StatusNotifierItem protocol to the XEmbed System Tray
.SY snixembed
.OP \-\-fork
The snixembed daemon proxies StatusNotifierItems as XEmbedded System Tray icons.
.BR \-\-fork
Set up in the foreground,
then fork to background process.
This can be used to avoid race conditions with applications that expect a StatusNotifierWatcher to be ready on startup.
Start these applications only after snixembed --fork has completed.
Not all of the StatusNotifierItem specification is supported.
Current support includes:
mouse events,
context menus,
There is also limited AppIndicator support.
Maintained by Steef Hegeman,
who is assisted by other open source contributors.
More information and up-to-date sources can be found at https://git.sr.ht/~steef/snixembed.