helix: initial config
nvim: css lsp
nvim: use codelenses only with hls
Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/main'
nvim: initial tsserver lsp
bin/vimdiff: exec nvim -d
~/bin/wacom: map intuos buttons to alt-fn keys
.zshenv: ~/bin first in path, XDG_DESKTOP_DIR
.gitconfig: overleaf username
mail: move to migadu (from soverin)

Soverin has had a bit too many server issues as of late. They claim that
it will be better after their migration efforts (not announced
beforehand), but after moving to Migadu in the latest outage I think
I'll spare myself the trouble of moving back for now.
river: -repeat volume and brightness maps
startw: exec river
.zshenv: lowercase XDG directories
.wprofile: add TERM=foot, clean
.xprofile: use default element-desktop profile
startw -> bin/startw
river: passmenu on mod-P
zsh: remove some cruft