caf6aa8eda2db67b225d75d45f28975cce3d82ac — Stefan Schwarzer 1 year, 4 months ago 9c0b75a
Invalidate cache for source and target

In `FTPHost.rename`, invalidate the stat cache for source and target.
This is obviously important for the source, but also for the target, in
case another file system item existed at the path before the rename.

Thanks to Maxim Martynov for the bug report and patch. :-)

ticket: 150
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M ftputil/host.py
M ftputil/host.py => ftputil/host.py +4 -0
@@ 900,7 900,9 @@ class FTPHost:
        # `_robust_ftp_command`, though we do _not_ do _everything_ imaginable.
        source_head, source_tail = self.path.split(source)
        source_absolute_path = self.path.abspath(source)
        target_head, target_tail = self.path.split(target)
        target_absolute_path = self.path.abspath(target)
        paths_contain_whitespace = (" " in source_head) or (" " in target_head)
        if paths_contain_whitespace and source_head == target_head:
            # Both items are in the same directory.

@@ 915,6 917,8 @@ class FTPHost:
            # Use straightforward command.
            with ftputil.error.ftplib_error_to_ftp_os_error:
                self._session.rename(source, target)

    # XXX: One could argue to put this method into the `_Stat` class, but I
    # refrained from that because then `_Stat` would have to know about