b5dc57c4c9b410fe3a7d652ea30465e9782a0bd0 — Stefan Schwarzer 6 years ago 6a9c505
Refactor test invocation

Let the former `test` target run only fast tests for faster turnaround
during development.

To run all tests, including the slow tests, add a new target

For symmetry with `all_tests`, add a new target `tests`, which is an
alias for the changed target `test`.
1 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M Makefile
M Makefile => Makefile +9 -2
@@ 64,7 64,14 @@ docs: ${DOC_SOURCES} ${DOC_TARGETS}

# Quality assurance
	@echo "=== Running tests for ftputil ${VERSION} ===\n"
	@echo "=== Running fast tests for ftputil ${VERSION} ===\n"
	${PYTEST} -m "not slow_test" test

# Alternative for symmetry with target `all_tests`
tests: test

	@echo "=== Running all tests for ftputil ${VERSION} ===\n"
	${PYTEST} test


@@ 85,7 92,7 @@ find_missing_unicode_literals:
dist: clean patch pylint docs
	${PYTHON_BINARY} setup.py sdist

extdist: test dist register
extdist: all_tests dist register

# Upload package to PyPI.