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@@ 16,13 16,15 @@ Things to do for a new release:

- `make dist`

If everything looks fine ...

- Tag release (tags are formed like "v5.0.3-alpha2")

- Push to repository

- Add new version to Download page on the website
- Add new version to `versions.md` page for the website

- Update pre-release documentation
- Update pre-release documentation (if necessary)

- Post announcement to ftputil mailing list at
  `ftputil@lists.sschwarzer.net` (after possibly

@@ 33,9 35,9 @@ Only for non-alpha/beta releases:

  _Before_ sending announcement to mailing list ...

  - Update documentation on the website
  - Update website

  - Upload new version to PyPI
  - Upload new version to PyPI (`make upload`)

- Send announcement to `python-announce-list@python.org`
  XXX: No longer do this. Last time I did, I got a lot more spam.