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@@ 45,6 45,29 @@ As well as `MissingTokenEndpointError` and `MissingDomainError` mentioned above,
* `IndieAuth::TokenVerification::IncorrectMeError` - when the `me` value in the response does not match the `DOMAIN`
* `IndieAuth::TokenVerification::InsufficentScopeError` - when the scope requested is not granted by the access token

## A more detailed usage example

The following is a more detailed example of how the gem could be used. This example comes from a project that is actually making use of the gem in production. Most of the code involves dealing with the various errors raised by the gem and ensuring that errors are sent back with the appropriate status and error codes. `send_error` (which isn't defined here) returns a JSON response with the appropriate data and halts execution.

def verify_token(scope = nil)
  access_token = request.env['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'] || params['access_token'] || ''
rescue IndieAuth::TokenVerification::AccessTokenMissingError
  send_error(status: 401, error: 'unauthorized', description: 'Access token missing or empty')
rescue IndieAuth::TokenVerification::MissingDomainError
  send_error(status: 400, error: 'invalid_request', description: 'DOMAIN is not specified')
rescue IndieAuth::TokenVerification::MissingTokenEndpointError
  send_error(status: 400, error: 'invalid_request', description: 'TOKEN_ENDPOINT is not specified')
rescue IndieAuth::TokenVerification::ForbiddenUserError
  send_error(status: 403, error: 'forbidden', description: 'User does not have permission')
rescue IndieAuth::TokenVerification::IncorrectMeError
  send_error(status: 401, error: 'insufficient_scope', description: 'The "me" value does not match the expected DOMAIN')
rescue IndieAuth::TokenVerification::InsufficentScopeError
  send_error(status: 401, error: 'insufficient_scope', description: 'The scope of this token does not meet the requirements for this request')

## Development

After checking out the repo, run `bin/setup` to install dependencies. Then, run `rake spec` to run the tests. You can also run `bin/console` for an interactive prompt that will allow you to experiment.