FFS Jane Street quit fucking with me
799ac84c — Pablo Meier 2 years ago
Fix <!-- more --> bug
6a68785f — Pablo Meier 2 years ago
add a lock file
c39c64cc — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
fix tests, better equals, tag bug
1b7bf01d — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
Fix cache, freshen neighbors.

My removing the old cache code also removed its ability to persist,
which was bad. This fixes that, and lets neighbors of a fresh post get
classified as Fresh too, in case the title changes, or we add a new head
to the list.
4083386c — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
Renames prev/next, bugfixes, static freshness

Checks the static folder's contants with recursive scan to determine
what to copy or not. Also, "prev/next" didn't make sense to me
after-the-fact, so I renamed it to "newer/older", and fixed a bug or two
about its link generation.
97c4c288 — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
Support site with no posts
011473a9 — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
Make it work with more recent builds of libraries
87b93106 — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
clean up a bit
8a20cbaa — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
Use a cache to build incrementally.

While there may still be bugs and I don't think it has *quite* all the
features I'd like it to, we have a rudimentary cache in place to speed
up builds (previous More Pablo builds were taking 15 seconds or so).

In yet another case of "profile before you optimize," it turned out the
slowness wasn't where this change is focused (I thought it was IO in
writing out all the files) — it's from copying over the static
directory, which, with Celeste videos, was suddenly far larger than it
ever was. Given that this was a forced, *always* copy operation, we only
have to do it when it changes.

Regardless! Now *all* the code has caches in place. The code around it
is a bit of a mess, but it's working well enough for me to use on More

Also fixes a bug where URLs in the canonical meta tag and the sitemap
for static pages pointed to Markdown files that didn't exist.
e47d9cf9 — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
wow dependencies lol
070a88e6 — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
omg what was this last commit
5670783e — Pablo Meier 4 years ago
2.0: Move to Dune, opam files, CommonMark

Learning a lot about OCaml, this build is optimized to be reproducible
and using the modern toolchain. Dependencies are specified in an opam
file, versions are specified, it builds with dune, allows for Makefile
to do single-command testing, building, and formatting. Plays well with
opam switches.

All in all, this should allow for more hackability, so features can be
added more easily in the future.

Also introduces CommonMark, albeit not entirely self-contained. This
means we lose some ability to count words in word count, or extract
proper words in our descriptions, this looks a whole let better.
0bec5969 — Pablo Meier 6 years ago
Rename main file (prep for Dune)
95b7b762 — Pablo Meier 6 years ago
single post case
ff8a3869 — Pablo Meier 6 years ago
369c6b5f — Pablo Meier 6 years ago
banner somewhere else, light cleanup
e473d38b — Pablo Meier 6 years ago
New posts have their own template
0f5e5765 — Pablo Meier 6 years ago
Values > effects, model is more valuable
5332a9d8 — Pablo Meier 6 years ago
check for file conflicts before making new post