Static site generator that powers morepablo.com (OCaml)
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FFS Jane Street quit fucking with me
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A static site generator in OCaml 🐸 🐫

I used to generate my site with Frog, decided to try my hand at a static-site generator more to my own needs, and now we have this froggy-themed derivation. Powers morepablo.com.

Note that it's got some hard-coded assumptions, both in its implementation (using Filename.concat for the hostname to post path probably breaks URLs in Windows, for example) and its use case (some morepablo.com assumptions are hard-coded until I comb through them more carefully).

Maybe, maybe one day this becomes a proper command-line app that's generalizable to more sites, we'll see! This was mostly me taking a shot at OCaml, "building my own lightsaber" kind of thing.


With dune and opam installed, create a local switch (opam switch create .). I think this should create an environment where the rest of the Make commands work.