A Scrabble cheating assistant (2010, Erlang/C/Ruby)
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#Revenge of the Verbally Challenged

ScrabbleCheat is code I wrote to beat my at-the-time girlfriend in Scrabble (she is amazing at Scrabble). Figuring it would be only as hard as other word algorithms like spell check or word creation from a list of letters, I developed it in Erlang, a new language I hadn't used much. This started a love affair with Erlang (which was largely accidental).

ALMOST ALL OF THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 2010. I was a very different programmer then, and it was a pretty different industry.


Each of these has their own Makefiles and READMEs. You'll need all three to get things going.


The main brain is written in Erlang. It's in code/server. That said, it requires the dictionaries to be loaded as a binary, which is created with the next component.


Which, being almost a component of the server, lives in code/server/lib/bingad.

#Ncurses client

I've halfhearted started a number of clients, the only one I really finished was an Ncurses one that's wrapped by Ruby. It lives in clients/curses.


While we used packaged tools for code dependencies when necessary, you'll need:

  • Erlang (try kerl to manage installations) and Rebar3
  • Ruby (try rvm to manage installations) and Bundler
  • Clang

I'll write a Dockerfile for this sometime, I'm sure of it.

For now this is just loose code that will hopefully piece together into actual usable software; in the meantime, I'm putting it here as well as my local machine. Enjoy, and email about any questions, concerns!

Pablo Meier 12/27/2017 pablo.a.meier@gmail.com