0.5.0 3 years ago

blaze 0.5.0

Srivathsan Murali (24):
      Paginator: Allow infinite page list
      Add license
      rework paginate make it simpler
      Get extension from frontmatter
      config: add url
      make lists-path absolute
      add url
      paginate: convert md to html
      add escapeHTML template function
      add summary template function
      templates: close summary with </p>
      Parse template from markdown content
      make fullpath in paginate
      seperate toHTML and parseTemplate
      Dont parse template if empty
      Get extention from template or source
      templateFunc: paginate -> listPages
      remove new command from blaze
      check for empty string in summary and template
      parse url formats using template
      unused member of Page
      remove CreatePage function
      Page struct: ListsPath not necessary
      Convert to HTML for html and htm