webshit to push button & roll dice 🎲
dark mode 👻👻👻
fate die face big & color, blue instead of green
max roll count


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Super Dicey Die Roller

certified-by-dr-steve-bruhle compatibility-club-penguin reading-6th-grade-level

This is an thing written in elm where you push a button and it rolls some dice. 🎲

I put it on a computer connected to the internet so you can use it at dice.froghat.ca maybe if that link works.

Here's a picture of what it probably looks like.

A screenshot of the thing rolling 8d20

The project's public git repo is on source hut at git.sr.ht/~sqwishy/super-dicey-die-roller. You can find the source code there.

Also, you can roll Fate dice too.

A screenshot of the thing rolling four fate dice


Good luck. Since I put this on sr.ht, contributions are supposed to be sent to something like a mailing list. But I don't have a mailing list for this project because I didn't want to make one for just myself. So you could send an email to me or something. Maybe tell me to make a mailling list or just that it's all going to be okay and stuff or whatever.

Or there might be a mirror on GitHub with issue tracking.

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This is licensed under the GPL-3.0.