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update hacker newses examples because they're AI and that is funny to me for some reason
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@@ 964,16 964,28 @@ For example, getting the list of titles and links from the front page of
        < /dev/null | jq .get.select
        "text": "Launch HN: Sidekick (YC W23) – AI support bot for developers",
        "href": "item?id=35184120"
        "text": "Copyright Registration Guidance: Works containing material generated by AI",
        "href": "https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2023/03/16/2023-05321/copyright-registration-guidance-works-containing-material-generated-by-artificial-intelligence"
        "text": "Triplebyte Acquired by Karat",
        "href": "https://karat.com/blog/post/karat-acquires-leading-adaptive-assessment-technology-from-triplebyte/"
        "text": "Show HN: GPT Repo Loader – load entire code repos into GPT prompts",
        "href": "https://github.com/mpoon/gpt-repository-loader"
        "text": "The birth of a package manager",
        "href": "https://ochagavia.nl/blog/the-birth-of-a-package-manager/"
        "text": "Transformers.js",
        "href": "https://xenova.github.io/transformers.js/"
        "text": "A token-smuggling jailbreak for ChatGPT-4",
        "href": "https://twitter.com/alexalbert__/status/1636488551817965568"
        "text": "Show HN: Alpaca.cpp – Run an Instruction-Tuned Chat-Style LLM on a MacBook",
        "href": "https://github.com/antimatter15/alpaca.cpp"
        "text": "Web Stable Diffusion",
        "href": "https://github.com/mlc-ai/web-stable-diffusion"