A Matrix bot written in Rust
744a9763 — Ciarán Ainsworth 4 months ago
Add shrug command, deprecate translations
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Fix strange bug with URL encoded colons
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Add version feature


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A Matrix bot written in Rust


This bot is designed to interact with a chatroom using a host of functions ranging from helpful language tricks and fun reactions to various triggers set up in the BotConfig.toml file.


  • %senpai - Triggers a "Notice me senpai" message
  • %headpat - Triggers a "Nyan nyan" message
  • %kana <string> - Converts given string into Japanese kana
  • %roma <string> - Converts given string into roman characters
  • %choose <comma separated strings> - Chooses a random option from a list of strings separated by commas
  • %translate <language code> <string> - Translates given string into the language given in the language code. e.g.:
%translate fr hello

  • %track <string>/%album <string>/artist <string> - performs a search for tracks/albums/artist on a Funkwhale instance dictated by the funkwhale_url value in botconfig.toml e.g.:
%album Styla


The bot also responds to the following words at a frequency determined in the BotConfig.toml file:

  • dab - Responds with a dabbing kaomoji
  • rip - Responds with a sad "RIP" message
  • fuck - Responds with an angry "Fuck" message

This bot makes use of the matrix_bot_api crate