A dark theme for Alabaster
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#Alabaster Solarised Dark Theme

The solarised theme

#Custom CSS for Alabaster

This CSS is designed to customise the Alabaster theme for Sphinx. It uses the Solarized Dark colour scheme for maximum comfort while reading.

This has been tested with Sphinx and Ablog. An example of the theme in action can be seen here

#Special Features

  • Full syntax highlighting in solarized-dark colours
  • True solarized dark colour theme
  • Colours for blocks such as .. note:: and .. warning::


To get the most out of this theme, the following is recommended:


To set the theme up, place the custom.css file in a folder called css within your html_static_path (usually _static) and add the following to your conf.py

# Tell the config file to look for a stylesheet in the css folder

   def setup(app):

   # Tell Pygments to lex using the solarized dark theme

   pygments_style = 'solarized_dark'

   # Make sure your static path is set

   html_static_path = ['_static']

Now run sphinx-build or ablog build (depending on what you're using) and you should see the CSS take effect.