BSD 2-Clause licensed reimplementation of GNU shuf


CLI utility for printing sequences of numbers and characters in a given range


The pp (prepend) utility takes the content of the file named by the source operand and inserts or prepends it above the first line of the file named by the target operand.


CLI utility to swap consecutive hex digits (nibbles) in a string


CLI utility for printing ranges of lines and columns


Chip-8 emulator written in C99 using SDL2


Feed and consume input lines processed by utility


The tabular utility reads files containing tabular data sequentially and pretty prints them as a table.


Cursed version of the standard UNIX utilities


Examples of sum algebraic data types in C99


Solutions to challenges in Jens Gustedt's Modern C book


Arch Linux package of CURRENT branch of pkgsrc


Report and slides used in a talk about Models for Real-Time systems for Automatic System Verification course


Project from my Advanced Scheduling Systems course in CS master degree