Multi-battery power status indicator for tiling window managers.
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Fix NBF misreporting at 0% remaining battery life



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wmbattstat is an i3blocks status indicator that reports a percentage of available battery power on your machine, based upon a single battery or a total sum of available power between all present batteries.


  • Linux, or...
  • OpenBSD, or...
  • FreeBSD, with...
  • Python v3.5+


Due to the nature of battery technology and issues of inaccuracy from estimated times of remaining life before loss of power, wmbattstat does not, and will never, report such information.


1) Copy wmbattstat to a directory of your choosing.

2) Edit your i3blocks configuration file and add the following configuration:


Specify the full path of wmbattstat in the command argument.

3) Refresh your i3 or Sway session and enjoy.


Argument Description
[none] Defaults to the -t argument.
-t Enable text-based status indicators.
-i Enable icon-based status indicators, which require the Font Awesome font.


The following power status indicators are used:

Status (Text) Status (Icon) Meaning
CHR Lightning Bolt Charging
DIS Battery Discharging
FUL Power Plug Full
PLG Power Plug Plugged In
NBF [none] No Battery Found
PNS [none] Platform Not Supported
??? [none] Unknown

If one or more batteries are present, one of the first four status indicators will be displayed along with a power percentage:

CHR 84%


Refer to the LICENSE file for details.