Power status indicator for tiling window managers and multi-battery setups.
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wm-stat-pwr is an i3blocks status indicator that reports a percentage of available battery power on your machine, based upon a single battery or a total sum of available power between all present batteries.


  • Linux, or...
  • OpenBSD, or...
  • FreeBSD, with...
  • Python v3.5+


Due to the nature of battery technology and issues of inaccuracy from estimated times of remaining life before loss of power, wm-stat-pwr does not, and will never, report such information.


1) Copy wm-stat-pwr to a directory of your choosing.

2) Edit your i3blocks configuration file and add the following configuration:


Specify the full path of wm-stat-pwr in the command argument.

3) Refresh your i3 or Sway session and enjoy.


Argument Description
[none] Defaults to the -t argument.
-t Enable text-based status indicators.
-i Enable icon-based status indicators, which require the Font Awesome font.


The following power status indicators are used:

Status (Text) Status (Icon) Meaning
CHR Lightning Bolt Charging
DIS Battery Discharging
FUL Power Plug Full
PLG Power Plug Plugged In
NBF [none] No Battery Found
PNS [none] Platform Not Supported
??? [none] Unknown

If one or more batteries are present, one of the first four status indicators will be displayed along with a power percentage:

CHR 84%


Refer to the LICENSE file for details.